Audition Coaching - Symphony 47 offers audition coaching through our own very experienced audition and performance coach, Michael Goode, who is also our Principal Trumpet and Artistic Coordinator to Eimear Noone, our Music Director.

As an audition coach, Mr. Goode founded the Chicago Reading Orchestra, headed by a conductor from the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and staffed by either current substitutes or retired members of the Chicago, Millwaukee, St.Louis, and Vienna Philharmonic orchestras. From that organization, Michael Goode coached 15 students who won major orchestral auditions. Michael Goode's students can be found in the Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Houston, Concertgebouw, Honolulu (Hawaii) symphonies as well as many others and in touring major Broadway shows. He also counts among his students some of the top studio players in Hollywood. Mr. Goode has also helped students win auditions to Julliard, Eastman, Cleveland Institute of Music, Indiana University, Michigan State University, Berklee, Roosevelt University, University of North Texas, and other prestigious musical institutions, including the Interlochen Arts Academy. His string players have won major auditions, with the Concertgebouw, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and other orchestras. He has lectured all across the U.S. and Canada at major music schools, and has been on the BBC's program "Music Review" as a featured guest. He has prepared string students for successful auditions, with David Taylor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Paul Cantor of the Cleveland Institute of Music (now Rice University), William Preucil of the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Dorothy Delay of the Julliard School and the University of Cincinnati.
Mr. Goode helps professional musicians around the world with their audition preparation, and their mental performance issues. He has taken hundreds of major auditions and won many himself so he knows what is required. His deep insight into performance practice has led Don Greene, Ph.D., of Julliard, to send Mr.Goode his most difficult cases. As part of the educational mission of Symphony 47, Mr. Goode is offering some complimentary time of his audition preparation services to any string player who comes to Symphony 47 on a regular basis and wishes to be part of the orchestra. Mr.Goode was a member of the Ravinia Festival Orchestra with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra where he played Assistant Principal and Section Trumpet. The Ravinia Festival Orchestra is one of the two resident orchestras at the Ravinia Festival, summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It is composed of members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and others who are asked to join. Michael Goode also was the Artist Mentor for the National Academy Orchestra of Canada in 2007, replacing the famous violinist, Pinchas Zuckerman, who had held the position the previous summer.

Mr. Goode holds degrees from the University of Illinois in Spanish, Music and Business, and his Master's degree is from the University of Chicago, in a field of science he invented to study stage fright and optimal performance in music, called Psychoneuromusicology. He has published a book on the subject called Stage Fright in Music Performance and Its Relationship to the Unconscious and has saved the careers of many fine professional orchestral and studio musicians in his work with musicians, actors, and artists. Michael Goode was a student since 1994 of his beloved teachers the brass legends of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Adolph "Bud" Herseth, Principal Trumpet and Arnold Jacobs, Principal Tuba, considered the finest orchestral player by Musical America in 1992 and the finest orchestral pedagogue respectively.

Mr., Goode helps professional musicians around the world with their audition preparation, and their mental performance issues. If you would like to take advantage of this educational and career opportunity for you as a string player, please join us at our next rehearsal of Symphony 47. Rehearsals are at 11 am, every Monday at 817 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA. If you play violin, viola, cello or bass and are serious about enhancing your career opportunities come join us and get a complimentary 15 minute-session with Michael Goode. Michael Goode also offers mock auditions, at all levels to prepare you for a major symphony, studio, or touring company orchestra audition.